Pitch Slam

Practice pitching your writing and get immediate feedback at the Writer’s Digest Writing Conference Pitch Slam, an exciting and intense event that puts you face to face with agents who are actively looking for new writers to represent.

How it works

You’ll sit down for three-minute sessions with as many agents as you can fit into ninety minutes. For the first 90 seconds with each agent, you’ll describe what you’re writing and why you think it will be successful (that’s your pitch). For the second 90 seconds, the agent will provide immediate, unbiased feedback on your work and your pitch, including invaluable suggestions for improving it. And if an agent gives you his or her business card, jackpot! That’s a request to see more of your work, and could lead to signing with an agent and publication of your book.

Tips for Pitch Slam Success

  • Do your research. There will be more than 20 agents eager to meet new writers at the Pitch Slam. Some of them will be a better fit for your writing than others, so be sure to study the list of agents you’ll receive before the conference, and target only those who represent the kind of writing you do. Even better, look for agents who represent authors you particularly admire and emulate; you’ll know those agents share your taste in writing and are more likely to be a good fit.
  • Practice your pitch ahead of time. If you’ve never had to develop a pitch or “elevator speech” for your writing, this is a great opportunity to develop a succinct, compelling description of what makes your work unique and desirable. Write it out, and then practice your pitch with a timer to make sure you stay within the 90-second limit. The time enforcers at the Pitch Slam will be strict!
  • Give your nerves the heave-ho. If the idea of pitching your work to agents makes you nervous, remember that the agents at the Pitch Slam are just people, each with his or her own tastes in writing. One person’s rejection only means you’re that much closer to finding the right fit for you. By the end of the event, your jitters will be history and you’ll be an expert at extolling the virtues of your work.
  • Get expert pitching advice. Don't miss the Crafting the Perfect Pitch session on Friday. You’ll hear tips for honing your pitch and being more comfortable with presenting, and get the confidence you need to make a great impression.

PLEASE NOTE that we’re hosting two separate 90-minute Pitch Slams on Saturday afternoon. You can only attend ONE, so when you’re selecting sessions during registration, make sure to pick the Pitch Slam session you want to attend right away. Each session can only accommodate 250 people and once a session hits capacity, it will no longer be an option.